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The Sleep Essentials includes our Eucalyptus Menthal Candle and the Relaxing Pillow Mist. 


The pair aide in creating a relaxing atmosphere to prepare you for a restful nights sleep. 


Before lighting the Eucalyptus menthe Poivree candle we recommend that you inhale deeply five times to fully open your sinuses thus allowing a clear channel for you to breathe easily. The Candle is to be used in your wind down to sleep and blown out before you get into bed. The Relaxing Pillow Mist is to be sprayed on your pillow, around five sprays is enough to relax you and aide you to drift off. 


Eucalyptus menthe Poivree 

Made with Soy wax blended with essential including eucalyptus and a cotton wick in a tin vessel. 

Recyclable Tin.


Relaxing Pillow Spray

Glycerin Oil base blended with essential oils which include eucalyptus. 

Glass bottle and plastic lid. (Both recylable and reusable)

The Sleep Essentials

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