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Current Project.
15ᵉ arrondissement de Paris

This project aims to renovate a one-bedroom apartment in Paris, measuring 35 square meters, which was last renovated in 1987. The apartment, originally built around 1920, will be revitalised in 2023 to pay homage to its historical roots by incorporating elements from the 1920s era. The renovation will feature period pieces, a new kitchen, restoration of walls and floors, and a carefully selected colour palette using Farrow & Ball paint throughout. While retaining the original hip bath and tiles in the bathroom, the space will be optimised to ensure its functionality and appeal. The furnishings and art will be curated to strike a balance between elegance, comfort, and practicality.

The design concept for this renovation project revolves around capturing the charm and sophistication of the 1920s era while incorporating modern elements for a comfortable living space. The goal is to create a warm and elegant atmosphere throughout the apartment, emphasising a sense of nostalgia and historical relevance.

The walls of the apartment will be expertly plastered, showcasing a smooth and refined finish that enhances the overall elegance of the space. To create a warm and inviting ambiance, a carefully chosen colour palette will be implemented, incorporating hues of pink and grey in the hall, bathroom, living room, and bedroom. Farrow & Ball paint will be used throughout, offering a rich and luxurious range of colours. Soft, earthy pink tones combined with white ceilings and wood work will dominate the walls, adding a touch of sophistication and femininity. Muted blues will be incorporated in the kitchen, adding a refreshing and cool tone that complements the period-inspired theme of the apartment.

While preserving the original hip bath and tiles in the bathroom, the space will undergo a revitalisation to make it suitable for contemporary living. The layout will be optimised to maximise functionality, ensuring that the bathroom meets modern standards while retaining it's historical charm. Upgraded fixtures, full glass inclosure and vintage inspired shower and taps, will bring an air of sophistication. Adequate storage solutions will be incorporated to maintain a clutter-free environment.

The furnishings and art selection will reflect a careful curation process, combining elegance, comfort, and practicality. Period-appropriate furniture pieces, with modern pieces blending with each other such as a green cord modular sofa and Louis XVI desk, will provide both style and comfort. Artwork, including prints and paintings from the 1920s era, will adorn the walls, adding a touch of cultural significance to the apartment. Rugs and textiles will be selected to complement the colour palette while enhancing the overall warmth and coziness.

The renovation of this 35 square meter one-bedroom apartment in Paris is an opportunity to pay homage to the 1920s era and create a space that seamlessly blends historical charm with modern living. Through the incorporation of period pieces, upgraded facilities, a warm colour palette, and careful attention to detail in the bathroom, this project aims to transform the apartment into a timeless and elegant dwelling. With curated furnishings and art, the space will strike a perfect balance between aesthetics, comfort, and practicality, providing a welcoming and stylish home for its future guests. 



Below is a selection of our past interior design projects, all designed to compliment the surroundings and ensure an exceptional end user experience and sticking by our adaptable, useable and bespoke way of working.

The Walled Garden 

The goal for this project was to create an eye catching winning shot to ensure the popularity of this maisonette in Central Bath. The centre piece of the walled garden is the Canadian made SoftTub in brown leather, a retractable awning was added to allow year round usage along with a wall heater - the use of ambiance lighting was installed in the deck and festoon lights to make it as inviting as possible. 

The Loft

Spread over two floors of a Georgian Town House the task was to create maximum occupation that was also adaptable for families and smaller groups without compromising style. From two bedrooms we was able to create a maximum occupancy of 10, with bespoke made super-king beds that separated on wheels (Housekeepers always kept in mind) with custom made on site headboards. Our made to measure Roman Blinds and pelmets were also incorporated in the design.

The Apartment, Clifton

The task here was to create a high end bolt hole in Clifton, Bristol. Furnished with antiques and art from all around the world it was the perfect sanctuary for any traveller that appreciated elegant Georgian architecture with luxury.   

The Chapel

Filled with gorgeous original features this chapel needed to be curated to expose its true beauty that was being hidden with hideous flat pack furniture and somewhat questionable "art". We gave this fantastic building a full service that creates a light airy country feel.   

The Stables

Part of the Chapel project, The Stables forms an additional two bedroom holiday home that can also be accessed via The Chapel. The original stables blocks remain and now divide the kitchen from the living area, along with the Chapel we've exposed the charming features and made comfort the main priority with our signature beds and hand made on site headboards also with reclaimed furniture to ensure the country lived in feel. 

The Springs 

A lockdown project that created 5 hotel style glamping tents, camping, as I believe it should be doesn't include a sleeping bag but a kingsize bed, pillows and duvet, with crisp white linen complete with actual chairs, a fire pit and a freestanding cast iron bath, and of course with with instant hot water - And thats what we created.  

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