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Our Craft

Make a Plan

Regardless how big or how small the space you have, a plan is necessary for the best interior design. Our initial consultation will include taking a floor plan so we know what we're working with and this will form the foundation of how we'll put together our specification. We will then get to know you and what your tastes are and then we will get to know the property and then produce a detailed incorporating both aspects to create a complementary design with our added input specifically with the guest in mind. 

Architectural Plans
IMG_4436 2.HEIC


We like to reuse and repurpose a lot of your original furniture, you'll be surprised how we can make old furniture into statement pieces , so before we put together our mood boards we'll take a look at what we can reuse. A detailed mood-board will then be put together for each space with a detailed report on why those items colour schemes have been chosen and what details have been included to maximise the capacity and flow of each space. 

Useable Adaptable Bespoke

Putting it all together

We're very hands on and will be there to oversea the decoration, installation and staging of the project. We're experienced enough to understand that to ensure a project runs smoothly, it needs to be managed. 

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