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MAISON Guirec introduces its first candle, inspired by French savoir-faire and history in perfumery. Combining two senses, the smell and the hearing, La Bougie is a true ode of French art-de-vivre. The olfactory notes have been carefully chosen to create a floral, soft, and comforting candle that will add serenity to your environment. Just imagine yourself lying on your sofa, your eyes closed, listening to the playlist Café de Paris, surrounded by subtile notes of apple, bergamot, white flowers, and wood. La Bougie is exactly where savoir-faire meets art-de-vivre.

Top notes : Apple and Bergamot

Heart notes : white flowers and musk

Bottom notes : sandalwood, dry wood

The wax : 100% European soy wax

Wck : cotton wick

Fragrance concentration : 7%

Perfume made in Grasse, the candles are hand poured in Nice

140g of wax, around 40 hours burning time

On top of each candle there is a QR code that leads to a Spotify playlist (no need to have an account to listen to it, but you have to have the app).

The playlist lasts around 1H35 which is the time that it takes to melt the entire surface of the candle - which is how it must be used not to waste the wax after several uses.


29,00 €Prix
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